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 WaterVue’s FAQs will hopefully provide you with additional details about our services. We strive to give  you a better understanding of our offering. If you have any additional questions, please feel free to contact us.

  • How many guests can WaterVue hold?
    As one of the best places to get married in Fort Walton Beach, WaterVue can accommodate up to 300 guests (inside and outside) for your special day. Our average wedding is between 75-125 people; however, we cater to the large, lavish weddings, as well as small, intimate weddings.
  • Are there different capacities for the various rooms?
    WaterVue’s ballroom has a completely open floor plan with panoramic waterfront views of the Santa Rosa Sound. The ballroom is equipped with a large bar, dance floor, elevated stage and plenty of space for your guests to sit down and relax and/or enjoy a nice dinner. There is also a beautiful booth area for your guests to visit, enjoy a glass of wine or have pictures taken. Watch the most spectacular sunsets on our gorgeous wrap-a-round deck or from inside the spacious ballroom. We refer you to our floor plan on the website. For the blushing bride who requires a private room and space to relax before the ceremony or to freshen up during the event, we offer a luxurious “Bride’s Suite” which opens up to a magical deck overlooking the Santa Rosa Sound. Not to be forgotten, the groom also needs a private oasis. The groom can prepare and tie-one-on in the “Groom’s Retreat” which is equipped with a bar and flat screen TV.
  • Can we have our ceremony and reception there?
    Yes, you may certainly have your ceremony and reception at WaterVue. There is a gorgeous waterfront arbor allowing your guests to witness the exchange of vows outdoors. There is also a large deck overlooking the Santa Rosa Sound where the ceremony can take place. Following the outdoor ceremony simply move indoors for the reception. There are also other indoor options that can be discussed. The options are truly endless. Another option is to enjoy a barefoot wedding on the white, sandy beaches of Okaloosa Island, just a short distance from WaterVue, where the reception will follow. Should the couple encounter inclement weather on their special day, WaterVue is a great back-up plan as we can host both the ceremony and the reception inside at a moment’s notice. We pride ourselves on catering to the couple’s special day in all circumstances … rain or shine.
  • I would like to take a tour of the venue, is that possible?"
    Of course, we’d love to give you a viewing. Please call, email us or use the contact form in the website, and we can set up an appointment for a tour and to talk about your details. For each tour, a great deal of thought into how to present the property to each couple that visits WaterVue. When you come for your site visit, we want to ensure that we provide you with enough time to look at everything you want to view. Whether it’s our gorgeous ballroom, spectacular views, our Bride’s Suite or something specific, it important that we tour it all.
  • How does the pricing structure work for weddings?
    For all weddings, we rent out the facility for 12 hours for up to 300 people. This price includes rental of facility, set-up time, available tables & chairs, and the cleaning of the facility. Any event that runs over the allotted booked time or past 12 midnight will incur an additional fee that must be paid fully in cash. Prices may vary during the month of December, on certain holidays and holiday weekends. Please consult us for more details on these dates.
  • How does the pricing structure work for non-wedding events?
    For all special occasions, we rent out the facility from 3-8 hours for up to 300 people. This price includes rental of facility, set-up time, available tables & chairs, and the cleaning of the facility. Any event that runs over the allotted booked time or past 12 midnight will incur an additional fee that must be paid fully in cash. Prices may vary during the month of December, on certain holidays and holiday weekends. Please consult us for more details on these dates.
  • Will there be onsite accommodation for our guests?
    No sorry, we do not have offer accommodation.
  • What is your policy on children?
    While WaterVue understands that children are often a vital part of your special event. Should children be in attendance, it is mandatory that they are supervised by an adult at all times. We highly recommend off-site child-care for your special day as it will make the event more enjoyable for both the adults and children. If you are interested in childcare services for the little-one’s, please contact us.
  • Do we have a choice in which suppliers we can use?
    Yes. At WaterVue, your satisfaction is our number one priority, and you can choose to have our professional team handle all the details, providing impeccable service (catering, music, photography, florist, etc.) so that you may relax and enjoy the event. However, for those wanting a more affordable option, we allow our clients the “facility only” option, where you handle your own catering, bartending, music, photography, etc. We have a complete listing of preferred vendors for your convenience. However, you are free to choose your own suppliers. WaterVue will need a listing of all vendors who will have access to the facility at least 30-days prior to the event (caterer, florist, event planner, DJ, bartenders, musicians, cake maker, officiant, etc). In addition, the caterer will need to provide a copy of his/her license and insurance/bond to WaterVue at least 30-days prior to event. Note: WaterVue does not supply any plates, flatware, stemware, etc. for the event, so please ensure you have that arranged with your caterer. The caterer will need to sign a separate contract with WaterVue.
  • Is there plenty of natural light for our photographer?
    Yes. WaterVue is situated on the Santa Rosa Sound, boasting panoramic waterfront views. Our facility takes full advantage of this breathtaking vantage point with its gorgeous wrap-a-round deck, making it perfect for photography. The entire venue has plenty of windows and doors allowing for more than sufficient sunlight indoors with fantastic background views. WaterVue is perfect for wedding photography, both indoors and outdoors. Please refer to our reviews page of the website so you can see some of the photography taken at WaterVue.
  • Is there plenty of outdoor space?
    Yes. WaterVue has a gorgeous wrap-a-round deck, large enough for your ceremony to be held under a waterfront arbor allowing your guests to witness the exchange of vows. The wrap-a-round deck is accessible at all times via the main ballroom. There is a second (private) deck we offer located directly off of the Bride’s Suite. This magical deck overlooking the Santa Rosa Sound has served for both exchange of vows as well as a great location for cocktail hour. The venue is very versatile and can be designed to fit your specific needs. For more information on the space, please download the floor plan.
  • Is there plenty of parking?  What about handicapped guests?
    Yes, there is ample free parking on premises. On your special day, we post signs in our parking lot indicating “Private Parking for WaterVue”. In addition, WaterVue is a handicap accessible facility. As a courtesy, we also offer oxygen concentrators for the infirmed. Please let us know in advance if you will need this service.
  • What chairs and tables can we use?
    Tables and chairs for as many as 150 guests are included in the rental agreement. For specifications on the tables and chairs available at WaterVue, please refer to the floor plan. You can use the floor plan to create the event of your dreams according to your guest count and event details. Please note that extra chairs and tables are not included in the fee and will need to be rented by an external vendor.
  • How many other weddings are likely to take place on the same day as ours?
    None. Because your satisfaction is our number one priority, we have a strict policy to have only one event per day. We are here to make your special occasion one that nobody will ever forget.
  • What are our bar options?
    WaterVue has a phenomenal bar to service all of your guests. As a huge cost savings to you, WaterVue allows you to supply your own alcoholic beverages; however, your guests cannot be charged any fee for beverages. Should alcoholic beverages be served at the event, the drinks must be served by a licensed bartender. We require at least one bartender per 100 guests. WaterVue does not permit any guests behind the bar. For more information on the bar options, please contact us.
  • When can we get in the venue to give access to our suppliers on the day?
    All of the details surrounding your day will be carefully attended to in advance. Once you have signed your contract and decided on your rental period, the start time of rental period will be stated on your contract. This is the time you and your vendors are able to access the venue. We will work closely with you to ensure that everything runs smoothly.
  • Can I bring in my own decorations or are decorations included?
    Each special event is unique to your preferences, so you are more than welcome to bring your own decorations or have your vendor decorate the venue for you. WaterVue has a standard offer for the rental of decorations, including but not limited to lanterns with battery-operated candles and many other decorations to choose from. Please refer to our Decorations Guide to see what we offer. We also offer a gorgeous backdrop to add the finishing touch to your wedding.
  • Are there any particular restrictions such as the use of confetti or candles?
    Yes, at WaterVue, we only allow battery-operated candles. Candles and/or floating candles are only allowed if they are contained in a deep vase or hurricane glass vase, approved by WaterVue’s management prior to event. WaterVue does not permit confetti or rice. You may use dried flowers on the outer deck. Sparklers and bubbles are permitted outside the front entrance but not inside the premises or on the deck.
  • Is the location easy to access?
    Yes, WaterVue is easy to access and has ample parking on site. There is also access to WaterVue from the Santa Rosa Sound. The happy couple or guest(s) of honor can make their grand entrance to the event on our fabulous Wedding Boat, simply stepping off the boat onto the deck of WaterVue. Unique and memorable! Note: During summer months (peak season), traffic is very heavy in locations at and near the beach. Please keep this in mind when making transportation arrangements for you and your guests. Please advise your guests to allow ample time for driving to and from the event.
  • I have a date, how do I book? What is the deposit?"
    If you have already had a tour and discussed your details, you will receive an email with complete information on how to proceed. If you still need to visit our site, please set up an appointment for a tour. Most contracts can be arranged through the mail! A non-refundable security deposit of 50% of the cost of the facility rental is required to secure your date. This deposit will be applied toward the balance due. Balance in full is due six-months (for weddings) and three-months (other events) prior to the event. You can always check to see the availability of dates on our website.
  • Are deposits refundable?
    Once you have reserved our venue for your event, we no longer offer the date or location to other potential clients; therefore, we may not resell the date. If your event is cancelled, we cannot refund your deposit.
  • What happens in the case of inclement weather?
    At WaterVue, we always have a back-up plan. The ceremony can always be moved indoors. In the case of having to move the ceremony, costs may be incurred depending on logistics.
  • A Day-of- Event coordinator is required for the day of the wedding. Why and how do I arrange this?
    Yes, a Day-of-Event coordinator or wedding planner is required for all weddings. If you do not have a Day-of-Event coordinator, we can provide you with one. There are a multitude of reasons we insist upon the Day-of-Event coordinator. For full details on a Day-of-Event coordinator, we refer you to our Day-Of-Event coordinator document. This should make it completely clear to why one is necessary. The day-of-event coordinator or event planner must be present at the venue through the entire duration of the rental time.
  • When do I need to give my final headcount for my wedding?
    One week before your wedding, we request your final headcount. The maximum number of guests allowed at WaterVue at any time is 300 persons. All persons, including children over the age of one, are to be included in the head count. We suggest that you also give both your caterer and your wedding planner a heads up, too. It is appropriate to include your vendors in the guest count. Whether or not it’s included in your contract with your caterer, it’s a good idea to feed your vendors during dinner time. (They’ve been working so hard during the wedding; you don’t want them to be hungry for the final part of it!) It’s also a good idea to ask your caterer how many extra plates they will prepare. Some will throw in a few ‘just in case’ meals — it’s good to know beforehand how many to expect!
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